Books with destiny - video presentation of the project

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And action! How we recorded a video

Our aim was to address the general public, to promote the project, to show how much work we had done within the project, and to create a video that would introduce the project and create the right atmosphere at the educational programmes.

Leipzig to Hostivař: 123 years of journeying 326 pages

The collection in the Reserve Fonds of the National Library of the Czech Republic can be viewed from various perspectives. One of them are the books themselves and the fact that behind every single book, there is a long story. However, it is a rather demanding and time consuming work. Allow us to give a classic story here.

Cooperation with the students of the Cabinet of Library and Information Science

we got involved in the course dedicated to information sources. Within their exams, the students were to prepare multimedia profiles describing the stories of the original owners of the books that we catalogued during the project.

Number of documented volumes


We are cataloguing books yet unread books from the reserve funds. Books to the library received in different ways during World War II and shortly after.

Fate of confiscated books

The National Library has initiated unique research documenting confiscated books and books dispossessed and brought to Czechoslovakia during World War II or shortly afterwards. These books were scattered among many institutions and a large number of books were lost forever. Nevertheless, they form an integral part of our cultural heritage and are often the only mementos of their original owners. They also represent examples of the way cultural heritage is/has been treated.

Basic information about the project

The project Books Discovered Once Again is funded by EEA and Norway Grants within the Programme CZ 06 - Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art. The seventeen-month international project aimed at books confiscated or brought to the country is running from 1 January 2015 to 31 April 2017. The project is extended to the end of April 2017 by BFB initiatives. The principle project implementer is the National Library of the Czech Republic, and the foreign partner is the Norwegian foundation Stiftelsen Arkivet.